Protected Areas in South America

Torres del Paine: Torres del Paine National Park and Biosphere Reserve (Chile) Editor Mon, 10/22/2018 - 17:26
Torres del Paine, a spectacular mountain range, lies between the Andes Mountains and the Patagonian steppe in southern Chile, continuing on to the Atlantic coast. It is an area of great scenic beauty, with many ridges, crags, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, lakes and lagoons.

Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park: Todos los Santos Lake and Petrohué Waterfalls (Chile)

Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, Chile's first, was established in 1926. It comprises some of the most sensational scenery in the Lake District: the emerald Lago Todos Los Santos, the thundering turquoise waters of the Saltos de Petrohué, and the imposing peaks of the area’s three main volcanoes.