South America

Alerce Andino National Park (Chile) Editor Tue, 10/16/2018 - 14:41
Alerce Andino National Park is located in the Andes, in the Los Lagos Region of Chile. The centerpiece of this lush and mountainous protected area are the Alerce forests. The Alerce only grows one centimeter every fifteen years; however these trees can surpass 50 m (164 ft) in height and live over 4,000 years.
Altiplano (South America) Editor Thu, 04/04/2019 - 17:32
The Altiplano, also called Puna, is a region in west-central South America in the area where the Andes are the widest. It is the most extensive area of high plateau on Earth outside Tibet. The bulk of the Altiplano lies in Bolivia but its northern parts lie in Peru and its southern parts lie in Chile and Argentina.
Alto Orinoco-Casiquiare Biosphere Reserve and Duida-Marahuaca National Park (Venezuela) Editor Wed, 01/02/2019 - 20:21
The Alto Orinoco-Casiquiare Biosphere Reserve is located in the Venezuelan Amazon. Duida-Marahuaca National Park, a national protected area which includes the Duida–Marahuaca Massif, lies within the biosphere reserve.
Angel Falls and Canaima National Park (Venezuela) Editor Tue, 12/11/2018 - 16:25
Canaima National Park is located in southeastern Venezuela, along the border between Guyana and Brazil. Partially covered by table mountain formations, the park also includes the Gran Sabana region. The sheer cliffs and waterfalls, including the world's highest, Angel Falls, form a spectacular landscape.

Archipielágo de Colon (Galápagos Islands) National Park, Marine Reserve and Biosphere Reserve (Ecuador)

Situated in the Pacific Ocean some 1,000 km (620 mi) from the South American continent, these 19 islands and the surrounding marine reserve have been called a unique 'living museum and showcase of evolution'. Located at the confluence of three ocean currents, the Galápagos are a melting pot of marine species.