Cities & Towns in Colombia

Basilica Santuario de las Lajas and the City of Ipiales

In the southern Colombian Department of Nariño lies a region rich in spiritual and cultural significance. The Basilica Santuario de las Lajas, nestled within the canyon of the Guáitara River in Ipiales, is a testament to centuries of faith and devotion. Together with the vibrant city of Ipiales, this area offers a unique blend of historical architecture, religious pilgrimage, and local traditions that continue attracting visitors worldwide.

Cartagena de Indias: An Exploration of Timeless Beauty and Rich Heritage

Cartagena de Indias is a captivating city located on Colombia's Caribbean coast. It seamlessly weaves together its rich historical past, vibrant modernity, and the allure of its UNESCO-listed historic area. The city was founded in the 16th century and served as a vital port for the Spanish Empire. Today, it remains a significant economic hub for Colombia.

Leticia: Gateway to Colombia's Amazon Heartland

Leticia, a vibrant port town on the Amazon River, lies in the far southern reaches of Colombia, where the borders of Peru, Brazil, and Colombia converge. As the capital of the Department of Amazonas, Leticia blends cultural, historical, and ecological richness. Leticia's geographical, historical, and socio-economic aspects and the broader Department of Amazonas highlight their importance within Colombia and the Amazon Basin.