Ecoregions of Paraguay

Discovering the Upper Paraná Atlantic Forests: A Treasure of Biodiversity

The Upper Paraná Atlantic forests, also known as "Selva Paranaense," represent a verdant expanse of tropical moist forests nestled within the South American Atlantic Forest biome. This ecoregion, characterized by its rich biodiversity and ecological significance, stretches across the southern reaches of the Brazilian Highlands, extending through southern Brazil, eastern Paraguay, and northeastern Argentina.

The Paraná Flooded Savanna: Guardian of the Flooded Realm

The Paraná Flooded Savanna ecoregion is a vast area that spans across the floodplains of the middle and lower Paraná River, along with its tributary, the Paraguay River. This region is home to diverse flora and fauna, crucial for maintaining the ecological balance in Argentina and Paraguay. This region's intricate network of waterways and lush marshlands provides a secure habitat for countless plant and animal species.