Archaeological Sites in the Caribbean

Banwari Trace: Trinidad's Oldest Archaeological Treasure

Nestled in the southwestern corner of the Caribbean island of Trinidad lies a remarkable archaeological site known as Banwari Trace. This ancient Archaic-period settlement, dating back over 7,000 years, represents the oldest known human occupation in the West Indies, offering a rare glimpse into the lives and lifeways of some of the region's earliest inhabitants. Perhaps the most significant discovery at Banwari Trace was unearthing a remarkably well-preserved human skeleton, now known as "Banwari Man."

La Isabela: The First European Colonial Town in the Americas

La Isabela, located on the east bank of the Bajabonico River in the Dominican Republic, represents a significant chapter in European colonization in the New World. As the first intentional European colonial town in America, it marks the beginning of a new era. Discovered in the mid-20th century, the ruins now form a National Historical and Archaeological Park, showcasing the remnants of Christopher Columbus's house, a church, and a graveyard.