Natural Region

Chapada Diamantina: Exploring Nature's Masterpiece in the Brazilian Highlands

Nestled in the northeastern reaches of Brazil, Chapada Diamantina unfolds as a vibrant region of extraordinary landscapes and rugged mountainous terrain within the Brazilian Highlands. This region is situated within the Brazilian Highlands and is geographically diverse and culturally rich. Chapada Diamantina National Park, an integral part of the Chapada Diamantina region, is a testament to its ecological importance.

La Gran Sabana: Unveiling a Historical and Natural Odyssey

Situated in southeastern Venezuela, La Gran Sabana unfolds as a captivating segment of the Guianan Savanna ecoregion. Stretching into the Guiana Highlands and Bolívar State, it extends to the borders of Brazil and Guyana within the Canaima National Park. This vast expanse is a haven for biodiversity, hosting unique ecosystems shaped by the region's diverse topography.

Mesopotamia and the Missionary Jungle: A Tale of Ecological Riches and Conservation Challenges

Mesopotamia, a captivating geographical region in Argentina, embraces the provinces of Misiones, Corrientes, and Entre Ríos. Nestled "between the rivers," the Paraná River to the west, and the Uruguay River to the east, Mesopotamia's diverse landscapes and ecosystems offer a unique blend of natural wonders. The Missionary Jungle is a vital component of the region's environmental wealth.

The Enigmatic Argentine Monte: Unveiling the Secrets of a Unique Desert Ecoregion

Nestled within the heart of Argentina, the Monte Desert and its encompassing ecoregion, the Argentine Monte, offer a captivating glimpse into a realm of stark beauty and remarkable resilience. This vast expanse is a tapestry woven with diverse landscapes, unique flora, and enigmatic fauna. Characterized by its arid conditions and the interplay of mountain ranges, this region is a testament to nature's ability to thrive in even the harshest environments.

The Iberá Wetlands: Argentina's Natural Wonderland

Nestled in the province of Corrientes in northwestern Argentina lies the breathtaking ecosystem known as the Iberá Wetlands, or Esteros del Iberá. This expansive wetland marvel unfolds as a mosaic of marshes, swamps, bogs, lakes, and lagoons, creating one of the most significant freshwater reservoirs on the South American continent. Seamlessly integrated into the Humid Chaco ecoregion, the wetlands serve as a vast ecological haven. Beyond its sheer size, this intricate network of water bodies plays a pivotal role in sustaining the region's water supply and acting as a crucial force in flood control.

The Iwokrama Rainforest: A Verdant Gem of Guyana

Nestled in the heart of the Guiana Shield region of South America, the Iwokrama Rainforest in Guyana is one of the planet’s last pristine tropical forests. This vast wilderness is renowned for its exceptional biodiversity and is a global sustainable forest management model. Its rich natural and cultural heritage highlights its significance in international conservation efforts.

The Lacandón Forest and Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve: Guardians of the Green

The Lacandón Forest, or Selva Lacandona, is a vast montane rainforest in southern Mexico. It's famous for its diverse flora and fauna, cultural heritage, and unique species found only in Mesoamerica. The forest spans from Chiapas to the Guatemalan border and includes the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve, an unparalleled ecological-rich sanctuary.