Brazilian Highlands

Caparaó National Park: A Sanctuary of Natural Diversity and Majestic Peaks

Nestled on the border between the Brazilian states of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, the Caparaó National Park is a testament to Brazil's rich natural heritage. Encompassing the majestic Caparaó Mountains within its boundaries, this park offers a sanctuary for diverse ecosystems, from dense montane rainforests to alpine meadows. Pico da Bandeira, the third-highest mountain in Brazil, lies at the park's heart.

Exploring the Majestic Serra do Mar: Brazil's Coastal Mountain Range

The Serra do Mar, known as the "Mountain Range of the Sea," is an awe-inspiring example of Brazil's geological and ecological wonders. This vast system of coastal mountain ranges and escarpments spans from the northern part of Río Grande do Sul to Espírito Santo in the north along the southeastern coastline. These ranges, with their unique geological formations, contribute to the diverse topography of the Serra do Mar.

Majesty of the Mantiqueira: Exploring Brazil's Enchanting Mountain Range

Nestled in the southeastern part of Brazil lies the majestic Serra da Mantiqueira, a breathtaking mountain range that forms part of the expansive Serra do Mar mountain range system, also known as the "Brazilian Cordillera." Spanning three Brazilian states—São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Minas Gerais—the Serra da Mantiqueira is a geographical marvel, rich in biodiversity, cultural significance, and natural beauty.

The Brazilian Highlands: A Tapestry of Geological Wonders, Biodiversity, and Human Influence

The Brazilian Highlands, also known as the Planalto Central, Brazilian Plateau, or Paraná Plateau, constitute a vast and captivating region that spans most of Brazil's eastern, southern, and central territories. This extensive highland landscape has played a central role in shaping Brazil's physical features and physiographic divisions.

Unveiling the Serra Geral: A Natural Wonder of Southern Brazil

The Serra Geral, an imposing escarpment nestled within the interior of southern Brazil, is a testament to the region's geological complexity and ecological richness. From its eastern reaches in Rio Grande do Sul to its northern extent in São Paulo, this mountain range is a pivotal component of the Serra do Mar system. Within this landscape lies the Serra Geral National Park, established to preserve the region's natural heritage and encompass iconic landmarks such as the Malacara, Churriado, and Fortaleza canyons.