Ecoregions of Bolivia

Central Andean Dry Puna: An Arid Haven in the High Andes

The Central Andean Dry Puna, an arid haven in the high southern Andes of Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina, captivates with arid landscapes, salt flats, and ancient sea remnants. Unique vegetation adapted to extreme conditions and diverse fauna, from Andean camelids to elusive predators and unique birds, thrive in this high-elevation ecoregion. As a mosaic of arid splendor, the Central Andean Dry Puna unfolds a captivating story of adaptation and conservation.

Central Andean Wet Puna: Where Mountains and Wetlands Converge

The Central Andean wet puna ecoregion, a gem in the southern high Andean Mountains of Peru and eastern Bolivia, reveals itself as a high-elevation, moist, montane grassland. Marked by snow-capped peaks, mountain pastures, high lakes, plateaus, and valleys, this region extends beyond the tree line, forming a distinctive composition of landscapes.

The Central Andean Puna: Unveiling the High-Elevation Wonders

Nestled high amidst the jagged, snow-covered peaks of the Southern Andes lies the Central Andean Puna - a land of rugged resilience crafted from pristine pampas and awe-inspiring altiplano plains. This high-altitude montane grassland stretches across the southern regions of Peru, traversing the rugged Bolivian Altiplano and dipping into the northern corners of Argentina.