Maya Region

The Maya Biosphere Reserve: Safeguarding the Natural and Cultural Heritage of Guatemala

The Maya Biosphere Reserve is located in the Petén region of northern Guatemala, extending into the Maya Forest of Belize and Mexico. It forms the northernmost tropical forest in the Western Hemisphere and was created to protect one of the largest remaining areas of American tropical forest north of the Amazon. This vast reserve is part of three contiguous UNESCO-recognized biosphere reserves in Yucatán and southern Mexico.

The Maya Region: A Journey through Peaks, Lowlands, and Plateaus

The Maya Region, the expansive heart of Mesoamerica, unfolds as a landscape of unparalleled diversity, spanning present-day Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico. Stretching from the mountainous peaks of the Sierra Madre to the semi-arid plains of northern Yucatán, this vast expanse encapsulates the historical and cultural landscape of the Mayan civilization in the pre-Columbian era.

The Petén Basin and Maya Forest: A Comprehensive Exploration

The Petén Basin and the Maya Forest are two interconnected regions in Central America renowned for their rich history, biodiversity, geography, archaeology, ecology, and socio-economic significance. Unique historical and geographical features characterize these regions. The dense tropical rainforests of the Maya Forest harbor a wealth of plant and animal species, making it a biodiversity hotspot. Meanwhile, the Petén Basin, with its ancient ruins and archaeological sites, provides invaluable insights into the Maya civilization.