Natural Landmarks in Peru

Manú National Park and Biosphere Reserve: Guardian of Nature and Culture

Manú National Park and Biosphere Reserve is a world-renowned haven of biodiversity at the meeting point of the Tropical Andes and the Amazon Basin in southwestern Peru. A vast, isolated watershed, the still-roadless property has been spared from most human impacts. From its altitudinal diversity to the mysteries of Paititi, the 'Lost City of the Incas,' an intricate collage of ecosystems, wildlife, and indigenous communities call this sanctuary home.

The Colca Canyon: Peru's Natural Wonder

Nestled amidst the towering peaks of the Andes Mountains lies the enchanting Colca Valley, a place of unparalleled beauty and cultural richness. Deep within this valley, the Colca Canyon stands as a testament to nature's awe-inspiring power, carved over millennia by the relentless force of the Colca River. This magnificent canyon is one of the world's deepest and most breathtaking natural wonders.