Geographic Region

The Baja California Desert: Nurturing Life in Aridity

The Baja California Desert is located within the Mexican states of Baja California Sur and Baja California Norte, on the western side of the Peninsular Ranges in the northern and central Baja California Peninsula. Situated between the Pacific Ocean to the west and cradled by the Peninsular Ranges to the east, the Baja California Desert is a geographical mosaic and a dynamic display of biodiversity and resilience.

The Brazilian Highlands: A Tapestry of Geological Wonders, Biodiversity, and Human Influence

The Brazilian Highlands, also known as the Planalto Central, Brazilian Plateau, or Paraná Plateau, constitute a vast and captivating region that spans most of Brazil's eastern, southern, and central territories. This extensive highland landscape has played a central role in shaping Brazil's physical features and physiographic divisions.

The Guatemalan Highlands: Weaving Nature, Culture, and Conservation

The Guatemalan Highlands, or "Tierras Altas," lie between the Petén lowlands and the Pacific Ocean. This region is known for its diverse geography, majestic landscapes, towering volcanoes, and highland villages rich in indigenous culture. The terraced fields showcase sustainable agriculture and a harmonious interplay between human heritage and nature.