Bodies of Water of Colombia

Gulf of Venezuela: Guajira Peninsula (South America) The Editor Mon, 04/08/2019 - 22:01
The Gulf of Venezuela is an inlet of the Caribbean Sea bounded by Venezuela and Colombia. It is a shipping route for the petroleum-producing Maracaibo region. The Guajira Peninsula is located in northeastern Colombia and northwestern Venezuela.
Orinoco River, Basin, and Delta (South America) The Editor Mon, 08/19/2019 - 16:59
Beginning high in the Sierra Parima Mountains of Venezuela and Brazil, the Orinoco River flows in a giant arc before discharging into the Atlantic Ocean in Venezuela. Its tributaries are the primary transportation system for eastern and interior Venezuela and the Llanos of Colombia.
Río Negro: Amazonia (South America) The Editor Thu, 06/23/2022 - 21:31
The Río Negro, the largest blackwater river in the world, is a major tributary of the Amazon. The source of the Río Negro lies in eastern Colombia's rainforests. At Manaus, the Río Negro joins the Solimões River to form the Amazon River. At this point, the "meeting of the waters" phenomenon occurs.