Protected Areas in the Caribbean

El Yunque: The Heart of Puerto Rico's Tropical Wilderness

El Yunque National Forest in northeastern Puerto Rico is the only tropical rainforest in the US National Forest System. It's known for its rich biodiversity and stunning landscapes, serving as a sanctuary for diverse flora and fauna endemic to the island. The forest provides insight into the Caribbean region's natural beauty and ecological significance, making it an essential area for conservation and exploration.

Exploring Saba Bank Atoll and Saba Bank National Park

Saba Bank Atoll, nestled in the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, stands as a unique and vital ecosystem of unparalleled ecological significance. This atoll is not only the largest actively growing submarine atoll in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean but also the third largest in the world. Saba Bank Atoll was designated the Saba Bank National Park, a testament to its importance in safeguarding marine biodiversity.

Exploring the Seaflower: Colombia's Vibrant Marine Biosphere Reserve

The Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, located in the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia, and Santa Catalina, is one of the Caribbean's most ecologically and culturally rich regions. Situated off the east coast of Nicaragua and under Colombian jurisdiction, the reserve is recognized for its outstanding marine biodiversity and unique geological features. The reserve is vital in preserving the delicate balance of marine ecosystems within the southwestern Caribbean while supporting the livelihoods and traditions of the local communities.

Guadeloupe National Park: Protecting a Caribbean Treasure

Guadeloupe National Park is a vast protected area on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. It encompasses stunningly diverse tropical ecosystems, from lush rainforests and volcanic peaks to pristine beaches and mangrove wetlands. As the centerpiece of the larger Archipel de la Guadeloupe Biosphere Reserve, Guadeloupe National Park plays a crucial role in conserving the remarkable biodiversity of the Caribbean region.

Guanahacabibes: Cuba's Pristine Coastal Wilderness

Nestled in the westernmost corner of Cuba, the Guanahacabibes Peninsula is a remarkable natural treasure. It is the country's westernmost point and offers a glimpse into its rich biodiversity and unique cultural heritage. This remote and sparsely populated region is home to a National Park and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, making it a prime destination for nature enthusiasts and conservation-minded travelers.

Guánica Biosphere Reserve: Preserving Puerto Rico's Ecological Legacy

Located in the southwestern region of Puerto Rico, the Guánica Biosphere Reserve is a vital ecological treasure, encompassing coastal areas, mangrove cays, and subtropical dry forests. It is recognized for its remarkable biodiversity and unique ecosystems and represents one of the Caribbean's most well-preserved subtropical dry forests. The reserve's diverse habitats and rich flora and fauna make it a critical conservation and scientific research area.