Ecological Region

Lesser Antilles Mangrove Ecoregion (Caribbean) The Editor Sat, 03/30/2019 - 16:12
The Lesser Antilles mangrove ecoregion is comprised of a chain of islands at the southeastern edge of the Caribbean Sea from Anguilla in the north to Grenada in the south. The largest areas of mangrove are found on Antigua and Barbuda, Guadeloupe, Martinique and the US Virgin Islands.
Magellanic Subpolar Forests Ecoregion (South America) The Editor Wed, 01/16/2019 - 15:26
The Magellanic subpolar forests are a terrestrial ecoregion of southernmost South America, covering parts of southern Chile and Argentina. It is a temperate broadleaf and mixed forests ecoregion and contains the world's southernmost forests.