Geological Feature/Landform

Chile Triple Junction: Taitao and Tres Montes Peninsulas (South America) The Editor Fri, 09/06/2019 - 15:14
The Chile Triple Junction is a geologic triple junction located on the seafloor of the Pacific Ocean off Taitao and Tres Montes Peninsula on the southern coast of Chile. Here three tectonic plates meet: the South American Plate, the Nazca Plate, and the Antarctic Plate.
Chilean Coastal Range and Central Valley (South America) The Editor Sat, 05/16/2020 - 13:58
The Chilean Coastal Range is a mountain range that runs from north to south along the Pacific coast of South America and parallel to the Andes Mountains. The Chilean Central Valley is the depression between the Coastal Range and the Andes Mountains.
Chiloé Archipelago: Chiloé Island (Chile) The Editor Tue, 04/30/2019 - 17:00
Located in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of the Los Lagos Region in southern Chile, Chiloé Island is the largest island of the Chiloé Archipelago. From pastoral landscapes to iconic wooden churches, Chiloé is known for its distinctive folklore, cuisine and architecture.
Copper Canyon: Sierra Tarahumara (Mexico) The Editor Fri, 08/28/2020 - 19:03
The area known as Copper Canyon is a series of six interconnected canyons that were formed by six rivers that drain the western side of the Sierra Tarahumara, itself a spectacular mountainous region located within the Sierra Madre Occidental in northwestern Mexico.