Bosque Seco Biosphere Reserve: Natural Splendor Meets Cultural Heritage

The Bosque Seco Biosphere Reserve is a biodiverse haven with diverse landscapes, from mountains to plains, providing vital climate regulation and water services. Home to Ecuador's best-preserved dry forests, the reserve boasts rich flora and fauna. Collaborating with Peru, it became part of the Bosques de Paz Transboundary Biosphere Reserve, showcasing the nexus of nature and culture.

Chocó Andino de Pichincha Biosphere Reserve: Exploring Ecuador's Natural Treasure

Nestled in Ecuador's northern region, just northwest of Quito, lies a pristine wilderness teeming with biodiversity and cultural heritage—the Chocó Andino de Pichincha Biosphere Reserve. Spanning from the outer foothills to the inner reaches of the western cordillera of the Ecuadorian Andes, this reserve is a haven for unique flora, fauna, and archaeological treasures. The Biosphere Reserve presents a tapestry of landscapes, each contributing to the region's remarkable biodiversity.

Exploring Cuenca: Ecuador's Cultural Gem in the Andean Highlands

Cuenca is a city in Ecuador's southern highlands known for its cultural richness and historical significance. It is the capital and largest city of the Azuay Province, located at an elevation of approximately 2,560 meters. The town is surrounded by the Andes Mountains and irrigated by four rivers: Tomebamba, Yanuncay, Tarqui, and Machangara. Over centuries, Cuenca's identity has been shaped by its profound connection with the natural environment.