Islands and Archipelagos

Conquering the Final Frontier: Cape Horn, Diego Ramírez Islands, and the Drake Passage

At the very edge of the known world, where the vast expanse of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans converge, lies a realm of untamed wilderness and maritime lore – Cape Horn, the Diego Ramírez Islands, and the legendary Drake Passage. These extreme latitudes, situated at the southernmost tip of South America, have long captured the imaginations of explorers and sailors, representing both the ultimate test of human endurance and the gateway to uncharted territories.

Exploring Saba Bank Atoll and Saba Bank National Park

Saba Bank Atoll, nestled in the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, stands as a unique and vital ecosystem of unparalleled ecological significance. This atoll is not only the largest actively growing submarine atoll in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean but also the third largest in the world. Saba Bank Atoll was designated the Saba Bank National Park, a testament to its importance in safeguarding marine biodiversity.

Gorgona Island: Colombia's Ecological Jewel in the Pacific

Situated off Colombia's Pacific coast, the island of Gorgona is a true ecological gem. It boasts a rich biodiversity and a fascinating history that spans indigenous cultures and colonial exploration. This remote island, part of Colombia's Insular Region, is a world unto itself, isolated by the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Gorgona is home to Gorgona Natural National Park, a protected area established to preserve its unique ecological treasures.