Gulf of Mexico: Ocean Basin The Editor Sat, 10/06/2018 - 18:45
The Gulf of Mexico is an ocean basin and a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean. This partially landlocked body of water is bounded on the northeast, north, and northwest by the United States Gulf Coast, the southwest and south by Mexico and the Yucatán Peninsula, and the southeast by Cuba.

Historic Center of Mexico City: Zócalo (Mexico)

Centro Histórico, the historic center of Mexico City, emerges as the pulsating heart of the Mexican capital, where the rich combination of history, culture, and architecture unfolds in a captivating panorama. Stretching outward from the iconic Zócalo, this historic district encapsulates landmarks like the National Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral, Palace of Fine Arts, Old Portal de Mercaderes, and the verdant expanse of Alameda Central Park.