Landforms of South America

The Southern Patagonian Ice Field: A Glacial Wonderland of Chilean and Argentine Patagonia

Nestled amid the rugged expanse of the Patagonian Andes stretching across Chile and Argentina, the Southern Patagonian Ice Field stands as an immense testament to the glacial history of this region. Holding the distinction of being the world's second-largest contiguous extrapolar ice field, it constitutes the more significant remnant of the once-expansive Patagonian Ice Sheet.

Unveiling the Serra Geral: A Natural Wonder of Southern Brazil

The Serra Geral, an imposing escarpment nestled within the interior of southern Brazil, is a testament to the region's geological complexity and ecological richness. From its eastern reaches in Rio Grande do Sul to its northern extent in São Paulo, this mountain range is a pivotal component of the Serra do Mar system. Within this landscape lies the Serra Geral National Park, established to preserve the region's natural heritage and encompass iconic landmarks such as the Malacara, Churriado, and Fortaleza canyons.