South America

Acarai Mountains: Guardians of Guyana's Natural Splendor

Situated in the southern part of Guyana, the Acarai Mountains quietly shape the landscape with their wet, forested highlands. Contributing to the nation's biodiversity and natural beauty, these mountains, covered in lush rainforests, serve as a backdrop to Guyana's diverse terrain and are crucial in forming the Essequibo River, one of the nation's significant waterways.
Alberto de Agostini National Park (Chile) The Editor Wed, 02/12/2020 - 11:24
Alberto de Agostini National Park is a protected area in southern Chile that includes the Cordillera Darwin mountain range, the final land-based stretch of the Andes before it becomes a chain of mountains appearing as small islands that sink into the Pacific Ocean.
Alerce Andino National Park (Chile) The Editor Tue, 10/16/2018 - 14:41
Alerce Andino National Park is located in the Andes, in the Los Lagos Region of Chile. The centerpiece of this lush and mountainous protected area is the Alerce forests. The Alerce is a towering tree species native to the Andes Mountains that can live for over 4,000 years.

Alter do Chão: Santarém (Brazil)

The region of Alter do Chão, located in the Pará state of Brazil, is a renowned tourist destination. Santarém, the main town in the area, boasts some of Brazil's most stunning freshwater beaches. In addition, this town holds significant importance as it is the most prominent Amazonian river town between Belém and Manaus, serving as a port of call for river steamers.

Alto Mayo Protection Forest: Preserving Peru's Natural Treasure

The Alto Mayo Protection Forest in Peru covers 182,000 hectares of pristine nature and is home to diverse wildlife. Despite deforestation challenges, Conservation International is collaborating with local communities and government entities to sustain this vital ecosystem and preserve its enduring beauty and ecological significance.