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Tropical Andes: Biodiversity Hotspot (South America) The Editor Sat, 08/21/2021 - 16:28
The Tropical Andes is a region that runs through Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, spanning more than 580,000 sq mi. The Tropical Andes is the most biologically diverse of all recognized hotspots and contains about one-sixth of all plant life on Earth.

Chilean and Argentine Andes / Fuegian and Patagonian Andes: Dry and Wet Andes (Argentina, Chile)

The Chilean Andes and Argentine Andes form most of the border between Chile and Argentina and make up the highest section of the Andes range. The Dry Andes and Wet Andes, along with the Patagonian Andes and Fuegian Andes, are climatic and glaciological subdivisons.